At Funnycash.com, we work hard in providing our players with the best online and mobile gaming experience; however, we cannot always guarantee, with absolute certainty, the smoothness of your experience, due to, and not limited to, factors outside our control including weak internet connection as well as other circumstances that may lead to disconnection.

In cases of interruption, disconnection, or other incidents affecting gameplay, the following policy shall take effect. Please read the full text, before using our services on the site. The use of our services is considered as having read and consented to the said policy.

  • All players shall bear the risk of disconnection and shall be responsible for the reduction of risk related to their internet connection.
  • When a player is disconnected before the bet is placed, the bet will not be valid, and the account balance will not be affected.
  • When a player is disconnected after the bet is placed, the bet will be valid, and the account balance will be automatically adjusted. For instance, when a player places a bet and loses the same, the loss will reflect in the account balance.
  • Players who want to verify bets and their corresponding outcomes shall make a formal request through Customer Support. Please note that this is only a verification process and does not alter the results of the bet.
  • If problems continue, please contact Customer Support for assistance. Cases are independently and fully investigated.
  • Funnycash.com at any time and within its own discretion reserves the right to modify this policy and state the final verdict on all matters related to the same. Policy changes or related decisions will be communicated through in-app messages, electronic mails, WhatsApp, or written messages.
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